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Pieces for Passions and Pastimes

Gold Stamping

Personalisation has always been central to the Smythson story. Whether you choose to add classic initials, a nickname or a tongue-in-cheek motif, our skilled artisans will hand-stamp your Smythson piece using techniques we've been perfecting for over a century.

Once you've found the perfect piece, simply click 'Add Personalisation' and start getting creative.

New for Him
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Correspondence Cards

A beautifully crafted correspondence card speaks volumes. Explore our fully customisable selection and add a unique touch to your well wishes and thank yous.

Writing Paper

A classic letterhead or a tongue-in-cheek motif? Our myriad of personalisation options allow you to create your perfect writing paper.

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Business Cards

Choose from our signature lettering, border and layout options to create a business card with character.

Wedding Invitations

From gilt-edge detailing to exquisite engravings, choose your details and create an invitation as unforgettable as the day itself.

Right at Home